Eradicating Female Genital Mutilation Multi-media, Campaign and Education Resources

There is a growing list of multi-media resources to support #EndFGM campaigning. Here are a few of these resources already referenced in the book Eradicating Female Genital Mutilation.

For convenience and to avoid duplication, this page is being shared with the Female Mutilation Worldwide Campaign and Education Resources page for my narrative ‘FGM stories’ book, Female Mutilation: The truth behind the horrifying global practice of female genital mutilation (New Holland Publishers, 2016).  Readers can visit (or return to) the Female Mutilation Worldwide website here.

Please feel free to add more Multi-media, Campaign and Education Resources (in the Comments box, below) as you become aware of them, if possible with a note about why they are interesting / useful. Thank you.

Online resources

Home Office: Female Genital Mutilation: Recognising and Preventing FGM

NoFGM Daily News:


NSPCC website:

The Guardian End FGM campaign:

The Guardian FGM website:



Ahmed N, Kardozi K (2007) A Handful of Ash.

Forward (2010) Think Again.

Goswami P (2013) A Pinch of Skin.

Home Office (2014) Ending Female Genital Mutilation.

ICOD Action Network (2014) Chasing the Cut.

Integrate Bristol (2012) Silent Scream.

Justice for Victims of FGM in the UK (2014) FGM in the UK: Failure to Act.

NHS (2014) FGM of Young Girls is Child Abuse. www.nhs.usk/video/pages/female-genital-mutilation.aspx

SafeHands for Mothers, FIGO (2012) The Cutting Tradition.


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